School uniform has no significance and should be done away with

While some people believe that wearing uniforms is outdated and should be done away with, some argue that it is one of the best ways to instill values in students and prepare them for the future. This issue has been highly debated, attracting diverse views from diverse angles.

Benefits of School Uniforms

Here are some of the benefits of wearing school uniforms:

School uniforms are essential because they unify students. A school uniform is the symbol of a school and students who study together and is a significant unifying factor. When students look similar, they are likely to support one another and look out for collective interests, especially in public settings. There is also a sense of community and pride associated with being in the same school that unifies students.

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It may potentially reduce social, class, and racial segregation among students. When students are in school uniforms, it is not easy to distinguish between the different social levels among them then. For instance, one would not wear expensive jewelry, like a gold chain, in class. Therefore, it would be harder for more affluent students to floss and lower students to feel devalued or out of place. While the school uniforms do not make one oblivious of other students' economic background, in class, it reduces discussions about phones, cars, or conversations about wealth, offering learning free from distraction for all.

School uniforms are essential because they help the students and school management to identify intruders quickly easily. In a scenario where everyone is wearing a school uniform, not wearing one could make a person easily stand out. This is important, especially in procedures like potential kidnapping or school shooting situations.

School uniforms also help prevent bullying in school. Wearing similar and coordinated uniforms may help prevent bullying by reducing the possibility of being picked on because of clothing or class. For instance, when a student wears certain clothing brands that are unpopular (like specific religious clothing), it may spur bullying. However, when all students look similar, the probability of bullying would decrease significantly.

School uniforms are better because they help to minimize distractions in school. Contrary to what many people may believe, school uniforms enable students to focus on learning without being distracted. Besides, without the hindrance of specific issues, like who has dressed better than the other, it would be easier for students to concentrate better on their studies.

School uniforms are essential because they are the right way of identifying students. Whether in a mall, on the train, or in a public place, school uniforms are the best way of identifying students because they stand out. This is an essential factor, especially in the occurrence of crime or a student gets lost. It would be easier to identify them. Besides, some students may look older ( like adults), and having a school uniform is the only way to tell them apart from adults.

Besides, there is plenty of time outside school time to wear goofy clothing or creative hairstyles, but school time should be spent on advancing one's education and learning rather than distractions and detractions. School only takes a certain number of hours during the day, and during holidays, like summer, you can always wear what you like.

Moreover, there are other ways of improving one's creativity other than dressing. While in school, there are many different ways of expressing one's imagination, like being involved in creating art or theatre, which allow the students to stand out as a positive example. Besides, academia is also a way through which one can express their creativity. Putting in the right effort as a student and creating something worthwhile shows creative skills. Wearing outfits and using this as an example of expressing oneself is a lazy attempt at self-expression.

Wearing school uniforms can prepare students for a future in specific careers. Professions like hospitals, military, airlines, emergency services have a dress code. Even a minimum wage job such as working at a fast-food joint may require you to wear a smock. Therefore, wearing a uniform in school may prepare you for life in specific careers. Besides, it teaches students to abide by rules, thus preparing them for adult life.

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Besides, school uniforms can be quite stylish. Some people may be opposed to wearing school uniforms by highlighting that it is boring and distasteful. However, school uniforms can be quite smart and presentable. You have to ensure your uniform set is well-fitting, clean, and nicely ironed, replacing them whenever they get torn. Besides, many schools offer various uniform alternatives from which you can choose from depending on your preferences. For instance, there would generally be the option of trousers, shorts, or skirts for lower body garments. If you prefer dresses, you may choose to wear that instead.

School uniforms are also crucial because they can create an environment where discipline is emphasized. After all, wearing a uniform is part of the school rules, and when students abide by these rules, they learn to become more disciplined. Besides, there are individual specifications regarding how these uniforms should be worn. Some schools require that the shirts be tucked in, ties are worn correctly, and torn uniforms are replaced. When a student adheres to all these specifications, they learn how to be disciplined.

Students spend lesser time getting ready when they wear school uniforms. For instance, students would not have to think about what to wear in the morning as it is already set out for them. This would allow them the time and agency to focus on more productive activities, like completing their school assignments.

School uniforms are also useful because they can be handed down from one student to another. For instance, once a student has completed his/her high school education, he/she can pass the uniform down to other students who have not yet completed their studies. It is an excellent way of helping needy students, or the student could quickly sell the clothing for a lower price.

The disadvantages of School Uniforms

On the other hand, here are some of the disadvantages of school uniforms:

Firstly, uniforms should be done away with because uniform wearing is a colonial practice that is presently outdated. Many work environments are relaxed in what could be worn at work; thus, the same principle should be applied in the school environment. Being comfortable in one's dressing, motivates productivity and creativity. In light of this fact, school uniforms should be done away with altogether.

It is costly to purchase. School uniform is undeniably expensive compared to ordinary clothing, and it is even costlier to maintain. Firstly, there are different clothing items needed for a full set of school uniforms; a blazer, sweater, tie, socks, shirt, skirt, trousers, among many others, all of which are purchased separately. Many uniform sets also require different supplements during winter or summer, like cardigans, summer dresses, exercising kits, and more. Besides, many students ( especially the younger ones) may even need up to 5 or more pairs of uniforms due to wear and tear. Purchasing these may be expensive for many, particularly lower-income families. Many families may not have the luxury of purchasing different sets of uniforms for their children. The same is even aggravated for families with more students in school. Therefore, school uniforms should be done away with it to save families financial resources significantly.

It diminishes student freedoms. When school uniforms constrict students, they are denied individual liberties such as expressing creativity and living out their real personality. Clothing is one of the best ways to express oneself fully, and when denied this freedom, students may grow up feeling resentful and restricted. They may even end up becoming rebellious.

School uniforms can be stressful for parents. Imagine a stressful morning where a piece of your child's uniform ( like a tie) is missing, and you have to search for it in addition to preparing the student for school. It can be very stressful and disorienting, a situation that many parents face when they enroll students in uniformed schools. In some instances, the students are punished for having incomplete or even torn clothing. However, the situation would be much different if the student could wear ordinary home clothing. They would easily pick and choose whatever dress they want.

Nonetheless, school uniforms should adhere to specific guidelines in line with strict uniform policies. For instance, the school uniform's top colors should have a solid color and fit the student well. The top should not show too much cleavage or expose the student's private areas. Besides, any jewelry worn should not be extravagant and distracting, and where possible, should blend perfectly with the school uniform. School uniforms should also apply to personal grooming, like keeping the hair and nails clean and well-trimmed. Anything left up to the student should be appropriate for a school setting and must not be offensive or distracting for other students.