Article Reviews

An article review takes two main stages to complete – preparation and actual writing. Here, we take a more in-depth look into the two main phases of writing article reviews.

Stage 1: Preparation

Like when writing any other piece, you need to prepare well before writing an article review. There are various steps you need to undertake in this first stage. First off, define your audience as you are not writing for the general public here.

The next step should be browsing through the article in question to have a glimpse of what it entails. It will help you understand the authors' argument and main points. After that, you can now read while giving proper attention.

Go ahead and retell the article to yourself. The best way to do this is with free writing. Jot down all that you can recall from what you read. Lastly, prepare an outline for your review. You should avoid being too judgmental and giving too much opinion.

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Stage 2: Writing

Here, you can start by thinking about the best title for your review. Under the heading, cite the original article using a specific format. It is best to confirm from the instructions issued about the writing format. Provide general information about the original piece, including the author, year of publication, and title.

Next, write an introduction that focuses on the central theme and thesis statement. A comprehensive overview of the author's conclusions should follow. Assess how well the article tackles the main point and write your findings in the body.

Finalize your article reviews with short conclusions that give a summary of the significant points. You can include your judgment and any recommendations for further research. Proofread your work and ensure it focuses on 3 or 4 significant issues while avoiding spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.

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