Case Study Format

A case study is an investigative research methodology used to determine the cause of a particular situation and develop meaningful ways to improve the condition or control it. Before carrying out a case study, one must first ascertain the case that requires action before engaging in vigorous analysis. A case study format is a laid out procedure that must be followed step by step while writing the report of your findings. However, before writing down the report, it is essential to understand the case study. Here are some guidelines to take you through the process:


Case Study Key Points

  • Ensure you read and comprehend the case study by highlighting and noting down the study's key points.

  • Determine the primary motive for carrying out the case study.

  • Evaluate any possible results expected from the case study through educational materials available.

  • Engage the most practical result attained from the analysis.

With the above guidelines and a practical solution, you are now ready to write down the case study. Below is the format to be applied:

  • Write an introduction stating the case to be studied and reasons that propelled the study. A thesis statement must be incorporated in the introduction and a brief summary of your findings.

  • In the body paragraph, illustrate any relevant background information related to the case and the essential facts that need to be mentioned.

  • Analyze and discuss the case by determining the main factors that lead to the study and evaluate the essential and non-essential. Discuss the parts of the case that is working and those not working and why they are vital to the case study.

  • Select practical solutions from the find and explain why they are viable. Also, ensure to use evidence from the research, experience, or academic materials to back up the findings and the attained solutions.

  • Give recommendations for the solutions proposed in step four by offering methodologies that shall be used to implement the results and who is expected to carry out the implementations. Also, advise on further measures that can be taken to make effective implementation.

  • Finally, read through the written report to ensure all the facts are well presented before submitting it.

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