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Chemistry homework is usually challenging for many students. When you attend your lecturers, you may feel excited that you have understood what you have been taught. However, when your teacher gives you homework, you may find that you need to apply what you have learned in class. This means that you will require more time to come up with solutions to your chemistry problems.  As a high school, college, and university student, you may not have enough time to research for your homework. And even if you do that, there are several chemistry concepts you may not understand if you don't get assistance from an expert. This is why you need to ask us, "I need help with my chemistry homework” whenever you need help with mastering chemistry homework.


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Chemistry is one of the basic science subjects that provide a backbone for many other disciplines. The process of understanding this subject is quite burdensome. This is because chemistry is a subject that relies on the interpretation of physical structures. Here are the major branches of chemistry that students learn:


Physical Chemistry


Physical chemistry provides information about the ways physics is applied to solve chemical problems. Physical chemistry has played a major role in the creation and interrogation of molecular structures. It controls and illuminates molecular systems through the development and designing of tools that are effective in studying molecular and atomic behavior. Although physical chemistry focuses on chemical structures and their transformation, it provides the molecular foundation for energy conversion technologies and their societal benefits. As such, physical chemistry helps predict chemical compound properties, including the description of atoms and how they bond.




Biochemistry, sometimes referred to as biological chemistry, involves the study of the chemical process within and around living organisms. Much of biochemistry deals with biological macromolecule interactions like lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates. It also studies the structure of cells, their functions, and reactions of ions and molecules. Biochemistry is a lab-based science that uses chemical knowledge and techniques to solve biological problems. It covers a wide range of disciplines, including plant science, microbiology, genetics, forensics and much more. Since this subject covers vast knowledge, students face many problems when it comes to handling their homework.


Organic Chemistry


Organic chemistry is studies the structure, composition, reactions, preparations, and properties of carbon-containing compounds. Carbon-containing compounds include hydrocarbon and other compounds that contain hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, halogen, sulfur, silicon, and phosphorus. Organic chemists take most of their time researching how to create new compounds to solve everyday problems. Organic chemistry was initially limited to the study of living organisms but later broadened and now includes human-made substances like plastics. This branch of chemistry can be applied in various fields, including the food industry, pharmaceuticals, paints, cosmetics, and petrochemicals.


Inorganic Chemistry


While organic chemistry is the study of carbon-containing compounds, Inorganic chemistry is the study of the behavior and properties of inorganic compounds such as minerals, metals, organometallic compounds. Most inorganic compounds are used as surfactants, catalysts, coatings, pigments, fuel, medicine, and much more. Inorganic compounds often have specific electrical conductivity and high melting points, which help them, serve various purposes. Students are usually advised to score high marks in inorganic chemistry because it’s widely applied. Although many inorganic chemists work in industries, they are others who work in academic institutions while government institutions. An inorganic chemist who works in a government institution can spend most of his time researching the lab and writing reports and proposals.   


Analytical Chemistry


Analytical chemistry is a branch of chemistry concerned with obtaining, processing, and delivering information about the structure and composition of matter. It uses various methods and instruments to identify, separate, and quantify issues. Analytical chemistry typically uses modern, instrument/quantitative methods of analysis and the classical qualitative methods of analysis. The instrumental methods are used to separate samples through field flow fractionation, electrophoresis, and chromatography, while classical qualitative analysis separates samples through extraction, distillation, and precipitation. Analytical chemistry can be applied in fields such as science, engineering, and medicine.


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