Essay Outline


Essay outline is a blueprint of the entire essay; this is just a small part of what you need to do. The way you present your ideas is all that matters and determines how well you perform in the essay. Consequently, it is advisable to have an essay outline before you begin writing.

It is a structure of your essay that includes the title, subtitles, and short sentences of the points you will cover. It mainly aims at ensuring a perfect flow of ideas. An outline gives you a picture of the final product of your work.

Depending on your institution, you may be required to submit an outline before you start writing. However, it is a great idea to create one, even if it is not a requirement in your institution. It helps you to stay organized and also to present your facts correctly.

When writing an outline, you should use short sentences to cover all the ideas. If there is more detail to cover, split the points into sub-points to ensure you forget nothing. Besides, it is best to number the sentences to avoid any mix-up and for quick reference.

It is best to stick to your outline when writing the essay. However, there's no harm in departing from it if your ideas change or become more apparent in some way. Compare the points on your outline and anything new you may want to introduce to see which one adds more value.


An essay outline is an excellent tool for writing outstanding assignments. The tips in this article will help you get the best out of it.


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