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At least 85% of students believe that subscribing to college essay writing services online goes a long way in boosting their grades. Although some term this as cheating, we honestly don’t believe so. All our tutors do is providing academic assistance only when the student feels overwhelmed or doesn’t have enough time for that. After all, we’ve all been students, and we know the pressure can easily drive one into depression. So instead of committing suicide for a concept you are not understanding, why not consult an expert in that field for assistance? Again, the college essay writing help varies from one platform to another. There are some platforms where the student doesn’t benefit at all—apart from securing good grades. The reason being, there is no direct communication between the tutor and the student. So they just issue the guidelines and no engagement with the tutor. Now, this is disadvantageous because the tutor cannot assist the student to understand the concepts presented in the paper. That’s why at, we always endeavor to keep things pretty different for the benefit of our students. First, we have a chatroom that connects the student to the tutor to allow the student to ask for any clarifications in case they don’t understand what is presented in the paper. Secondly, we allow students to engage the tutor and create a good rapport so they can always ask questions any time they are stuck. Also, when our experts are writing the college essay for the students, they always do it comprehensively to ensure that the student has an easy time decoding the concepts.

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The Three Main Sections Of  Essay Writing—A Quick Overview


Scoring high in a paper isn’t just about writing the correct content, NO. Organizing your content as supposed motivates your examiner to easily follow along, and eventually award you good marks. So when writing a college essay, you really need to break it down into small, easy-to-follow chunks to make it more readable. And basically, we have three key sections of an essay.



Most students wonder how to start writing a college essay. And indeed, we can attest it’s never easy. That’s where you are supposed to grab the attention of your examiner, give an overview of the entire essay, and generally make it worth reading. That’s why we always emphasize the essence of having an outline of the entire piece. It helps you pick the most interesting ideas for use in your introduction.



The essence of an essay is to communicate professionally, right? Now, it is within the body where all this communication goes. One of the best tips on writing a college essaythat passes your intended information is doing in-depth research beforehand. Good research helps you maintain consistency throughout the essay, and also saves you time because you only concentrate on the relevant sections. You are also able to break it down into sensible subtopics for those who might not have all the time to read through.




At times we hear students asking, "Do you really need a conclusion when writing a college essay?” And a quick answer is YES. This is your chance to invoke a call to action, drive your key points home, and generally give a meaning to your essay. So, NEVER omit a conclusion!


The Most Frequent  Essay Writing Papers

From our college essay writing statistics, there are several types of essays which we have noted a spike in the repeat rate. This implies that students are perhaps struggling to comprehend them. They include:

Scholarship essays


Are you looking to advance your studies via a scholarship program? Well, you may need to write an essay paper for a college scholarship. It is intended to convince the scholarship awarding committee that you are the right beneficiary of that program. So basically, you are supposed to come up with convincing ideas like your past experience, goals, and how the program will help transform your life and that of the society at large.


College admission / Application essay writing


To secure a chance in your favorite college, writing an essay for college admission is not an option—you have to do it. And because of the stiff competition among your fellow students, you really have to set time to create a compelling piece. Be sure to highlight all your strengths, academic performance, your goals, and perhaps hobbies that relate to your career. However, if you have never written a college entrance essay before, we cannot really encourage you to do it on your own. Have a friend to assist you. And in case you are unable to find one, or you need guaranteed success, don’t hesitate to reach out to our college admission essay experts for specialized assistance. 

College admission essays are also referred to as personal essays, application essays, or a statement of purpose. So the key point is, you want to pitch your qualities, capabilities, and the value you will bring on board. This is where jokers or poor performers are phased out, especially for serious disciplines like Medicine and Engineering. So, dare not write a negative college essay about yourself—it will ruin your chances completely. So when the time comes for writing a personal essay for college admission, you better consult. This is the panel that determines what direction your career will take. So because you don’t want to fail, do the next step right!

Cause and effect essay


In simple terms, a cause-effect essay explains how a trigger (Cause) translates into the ‘effect’. That’s why they are also referred to as reason and result essays. Your instructor may ask you to write a cause and effect essay for college either as a stand-alone paper or one incorporated within another paper. Either way, you are supposed to bring out how the cause resulted in the effect.

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Over time, has risen to the top of the college essay writing service space. According to client review sites like SiteJabber and TrustPilot, we are among the top-rated academic help platforms on the internet. These reviews are given by the students we serve here—which tells you that they are quite impressed by our exquisite services. So, what makes them give us those five stars?

We offer customized professional assistance


One thing we solidly believe in our tutors is the professionalism they demonstrate in all respects within the platform. We are proud that they are exceptionally talented in their various disciplines, and they always give their best to deliver value to our dear students. All instructions are adhered to, to the latter, and if the student needs extra tips on college essay writing, our experts don’t mind sharing them for free. And because we know not all assignments are the same, we have experts across all disciplines to offer you custom assistance.


Fast turn-around when offering you’re the essay writing services


Crafting an excellent essay is great, but writing Your College Essay and submitting it way before the deadline is means everything to a student. As we had just mentioned, our aim is not to solely give you fantastic grades, but also impart the concepts in your mind so you can use them in an exam setting. But this would be impossible if we only submitted the paper on time, or past the deadline. We always endeavor to complete it way before the deadline, so you can have enough time to internalize the concepts in case you were to do a presentation. We do this to ensure that you pass both in the assignments and sitting exams!

Authentic essay papers


With all our professionalism, I am pretty sure you don’t want to imagine getting a plagiarized paper, right? Our experts craft original content easily because they are well-versed with their areas of specialization. So it is quite easy for them to put down the concepts naturally using their own words. But note that there are different forms of plagiarism, not just copying and pasting content. Improper referencing or writing a college essay formatinappropriately bears the same weight as copying and pasting work.

Correctly formatted and cited essays

We have noticed that most students struggle in formatting and citing their essays correctly using different citation styles like APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc. Well, we cannot say they are quite simple to understand, but with practice and determination, it is all doable. In most cases, what gives students a headache is in-text citation. But because we know time may not always allow, we are here to offer you quick assistance in writing your college essay as well as formatting it in accordance with the guidelines issued by your instructor.


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