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Should People Date at a young age?

They say love is blind. Others claim that it is the best thing that can happen to someone. Indeed these two statements are true, but the context may differ. In most cases, they are used to refer to a romantic relationship that is common between people of different sexual orientation. The setting and definition of romantic love vary among people's experience. However, one thing remains constant in all scenarios. That thing is the emotional feelings attached to the relationship. Several factors contribute to the way an individual handles emotion. Age is one of those factors. Consequently, society has raised a plausible question on what is the right age to have a romantic relationship (date) and whether young people should be allowed to date.

While several benefits can be attributed to dating at a young age, weighty issues arose on why it should not occur. Firstly, dating is an emotional activity that requires both parties to adhere and respond to each other’s feelings. It is the failure to notice other’s emotions that lead to issues such as depression and suicide among dating couples. Young people are not psychologically prepared to handle strong emotions and feelings. Most governments and authorities consider an individual to be fully mature at the age of 18 years. That should be the appropriate age for people to start dating. Lowering the age will expose mentally-underdeveloped kids to a plethora of profound emotions that can trigger strange behaviors such as depression and suicide.

Other than emotional attachments, young people should not be allowed to date due to the risk of teenage pregnancy. Sex is a common denominator in all romantic relationship. It creates a high probability of pregnancy. While pregnancy should not occur if the couples use contraceptives or condoms, likely, they will not use them in the first place. That exposes them to a series of health and social problems. The resulting pregnancy might force the girl to undergo an abortion to continue with education or start parenting at a young age. That is analogous to the statement, "a child is parenting another child." Additionally, the financial implications of teenage pregnancy can be dire. Both of the young people depend on their parents for support. When they have a child without a legal age to work or other means of income, the parents have to incur the burden. That can be costly in situations when the parent has many dependents. The health and financial implications justify why people should not date at a young age.

The emotional, health, and financial problems of early dating converge into a deep crisis of unstable and spoilt marriages. Scientifically, women tend to mature faster than men. At the age of 15, the level of changes in a girl is significant to boys who do so at 17 years. That has a serious implication on the stability of marriage. If people are allowed to date at an early age, women will settle and opt for a marriage at a young age. They would have experienced everything. However, they will likely settle for a man at the same age. Since the man took more years to mature, they will enter into a relationship without adequate exposure and experience. That might be the cause of infidelity and instability in the marriage leading to divorce.


Dating is a pleasant experience for any couples. It is an opportunity for them to understand each other before committing to a long-term relationship and marriage. However, the demands and consequences of dating can be extreme for young people to handle. Dealing with emotions and outcomes such as early pregnancy can ruin the future of such couples. Furthermore, the financial implications of early dating can be dire for the pair and their family to deal with. These complexities justify the need to avoid dating at a young age.

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