Personal Narrative Essay


A personal narrative essay is a short story about yourself, often written in the first person. It is an exciting essay; it gives you a chance to share your life experiences with your readers; you have to choose the best topic to captivate your audience. Furthermore, it allows you to showcase your writing skills. We go through different life experiences and stages. When selecting a topic for your essay, it's sometimes challenging since you don't know what experience to write. You may find that you have many to choose from. Here are some tips on what to consider before you write your essay.

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What to Consider When Choosing Personal Narrative essay

1.      What occurred to you?

Your readers will want to know some exciting events that have transpired in your life, such as moving to a new house, signing up for school, attending an event, people you have met, etc.

2.      How Did you become the person you are today?

When telling your story, concentrate on writing an influential factor, and understand why you want to write it. Once you have it all figured, let your purpose and motivation dictate your writing. Show your reader who you are when telling your experience.

3.      What are your fears?

Humans have plenty of things in common; we share similar fears and interests. Decide to share what gives you anxiety. Your readers may find the raw feelings, sensations, and thoughts captivating as they connect and understand these feelings since they go through the same.

4.      What are your beliefs?

Start by thinking about your convictions. It can be challenging, but it will connect with your reader regardless of whether they share the same beliefs.

5.      Have you ever had a remarkable feeling?

Never disregard your feelings when writing a personal narrative; genuine emotions will captivate your readers. It will impact your experience recognizably.

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 How to Develop a Personal Narrative Essay

Whether you are a budding writer or a professional freelancer working on various topics and essays, developing personal narrative ideas may still be considerably challenging for you. While personal narrative essays may be quite simple as you just describe something that happened to you at any stage of your life, when writing professionally, you have to think differently and clearly; not just writing anything that comes to mind.

First, you have to be creative. Thinking creatively is the pinnacle of any creative work, including personal narrative ideas. So, when writing your personal narrative essays, try to be as creative as possible. Turn the dull and mundane details about your essay into lively and interactive experiences; for instance, you could spice up a boring trip story by adding interesting details on your travel. The stories do not have to be entirely true, but they should be realistic and creative. Using a unique style of writing, you can present your work in a way that captures the attention of the reader, while creating interest for more.

Secondly, you must know how to cook stories. Creating imaginary characters, stories while making your story grounded and believable is an art that you should master as you develop personal narrative ideas. Using an emotional approach, in moderation, will also make your story relatable and authentic for your readers. If it helps, you can watch a nice movie or read a nice book, as these will help you create ideas for your narrative essay.

Keeping a journal of your ideas and activities also helps. When thinking of personal narrative ideas for your essay, having a journal, or keeping track of your daily activities also helps in your personal narrative essay. Besides, it makes it easier for you to write and structure your essay in a chronological and easier format.


The Structure of a Personal Narrative Essay

After identifying and classifying your personal narrative ideas for your essay, the next step is identifying and knowing how a personal narrative essay should be structured. The structure is quite simple, and often entails:

The introductory paragraph. The opening of the essay needs to be interesting and capture the attention of the reader. While you should not include your personal narrative ideas at this point, you may include some details on the essence of what you will be describing and your personal point of view. You may also include a quote or a proverb that relates to the story you will highlight in the body of your work. 

The body of the essay. This is the main part of the work and should provide the reader with a very clear perception of what happened and how you (as the author) feel about it. Your personal narrative ideas factor in at this point, as you vividly describe the details that matter. Do not be afraid to share your personal feelings it adds more intensity to your essay. Your ideas should be chronologically arranged so that the readers can follow and understand your point of view. To make your story worthwhile, do not include some mundane details, rather focus on the main stories. For ease of reading and understanding, also classify each topic idea in its own paragraph.

Finally, your last paragraph should wrap up and restate your personal narrative ideas in a shortened manner. Besides, it should highlight a key lesson, idea, learning point, or an experience you found interesting from the whole story. To make it interesting, you can also conclude by highlighting a proverb or a quote from a famous person. You should remember that just like the opening statement, your closing one should leave readers perplexed and wanting to read more.

Some tips for writing the best personal narrative essay

If you have chosen to write your own personal narrative essay, here are some tips to consider so that you can develop the best narrative essay.

First, you should record yourself telling your story. If you find it difficult to articulate your personal narrative ideas in writing, you should consider recording yourself while telling the story. This not only allows you to restate the best ideas, but it's also a fun thing to do. Thereafter, you can watch the video as you note the key ideas on a piece of paper. This is one of the best approaches when you need to organize your story and create a flowing writing piece. Besides, you can also use personal recording for alternative uses, such as creating a vlog. It is also therapeutic.

You may also include anecdotes and personal dialogue. Your personal narrative ideas should definitely include personal and interpersonal dialogue. In fact, your conversations with others could form some of the most interesting segments of your essay. They are also a rich source of content and ideas for a lengthy and heartful essay. Besides, it also adds an element of variety and diversity into your work and breaking the monotony of writing about oneself all the time.

You should also make your words lively, descriptive, exciting, active, emotional, and precise. The best choice of words can make a huge difference in the outcome of your personal narrative essay. Structure your personal narrative ideas using the correct wording and vary the structure of your sentences as well to make the writing more interesting and engaging. Besides, you could also use rhetoric questions, and interrogative complexes to improve the quality of your work.

When your sentences are too long, you can include transitory words and phrases like therefore, however, for example, to break the monotony of your work and make it easier to read. All your personal narrative ideas should also be highlighted in different sentences or paragraphs to make your work easier.

Lastly, before handing in your personal narrative essay, you may have a friend or a classmate to review it for you to ensure you do not make any mistakes. Often times, we tend to be oblivious to our own faults in writing. Besides, you can also pass your work through grammar checkers to ensure the structure of your sentences, the chronology of your personal narrative ideas, and your grammar is good. 

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