Persuasive Speech Topics

A persuasive speech engages the audience with profound and due diligence facts stated by the presenter. Writing a persuasive speech requires an excellent topic selection, which may prove burdensome. Professional persuasive essay writers are available online, and they can give you a hand in choosing an exclusive topic and a fantastic persuasive speech.

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Best persuasive speech topics that you can choose from:

  1. What are the effects of students of all ages carrying their mobile phones always?

  2. How to change an embarrassing situation into a success story.

  3. How self-confidence can influence your life.

  4. National museums should not charge an entrance fee to citizens 

  5. Which is better, e-books or paper books?

  6. School uniforms have no significance and are outdated.

  7. The School curriculum should include meditation and relaxation breaks during the day. 

  8. What compels people into prostitution?

  9. Prisoners should be allowed to vote.

  10. Couples who live together before marriage have lasting marriages.

  11. Drug offenders caught in possession of drugs should be taken to recovery centers, not jails. 

  12. The effect of building a border fence between America and Mexico.

  13. Women should also serve as priests.

  14. Influence of media on politics and society.

  15. Reality TV shows are stage-managed.

  16. Is it right for children to participate in beauty pageants?

  17. Should the government regulate media content aired on TV?

  18. Who is to blame for global warming?

  19. The negative influence of fashion brands on society.

  20. Grading should be scraped from schools.

  21. Online learning is more effective than regular learning.

  22. Bullies should be expelled from schools.

  23. Effects of ocean acidification on marine animals and plants. 

  24. Importance of understanding the other gender.

  25. Effective communication between married couples is the key to a happy marriage.

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