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Plagiarism is a form of academic violence that academia has categorized into four different sections, namely direct plagiarism, self-plagiarism, accidental plagiarism, and mosaic plagiarism. All these forms of plagiarism are perceived as unethical and can lead to penalties that may include expulsion from a learning institution. In some instances, plagiarism is not intentional, and it may occur as a result of word structuring that may resemble another person’s work. Therefore, it is wise to avoid such situations by using new technology and apps to detect plagiarism. One of those apps that are available online is called plagiarism checker free, and as the name suggests, it comes free of charge.  

           Plagiarism checker free uses different approaches to scan for traces of plagiarism in a document. With thousands of works being published daily thanks to the invention of the internet, chances are, your work may have traces of plagiarism without your knowledge, which may lead to severe consequences. It is crucial to use the plagiarism checker free to verify that your work is original before posting and submitting it to evade embarrassment and regrets. The advantage of this app is that it not only ensures that you have submitted original work, but it also protects your work from being copied by other people.

           Professors are widely employing Plagiarism checker free to ascertain that students are utilizing the internet for research and not duplicating people’s work and presenting it as their own. Since the plagiarism checker free cannot verify whether the student copied the work by accident or intentionally, students are advised to cite any work taken from a source to avoid plagiarism and cancelation of their work. They should also strive to use unique writing styles by avoiding common words that can be easily singled out by the plagiarism checker free as a group of words adopted from another document. Homeworkprof does not condone plagiarism in any form by offering original, analytical and scholarly acknowledged works. Our policy is to be legit, professional and reliable to our customers. Try our services now.


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