SWOT Analysis

What is The Meaning of SWOT Analysis?

In full, SWOT Analysis means Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, or Threat. SWOT analysis is done to determine an organization's strengths and issues that would be considered risky, hence making the organization vulnerable. Both internal and external factors that relate to the organization are evaluated during the SWOT Analysis. It is carried out to ensure that an organization is prepared to face any eventuality that may occur or is anticipated to occur. SWOT Analysis also useful because it gives crucial details that can be used by an organization to improve its business functions and projects. Using SWOT Analysis, an organization can manipulate its goals and strategies for better performance and manage any challenge that presents itself. 

SWOT Analysis Assignment. 

      If you are taking a business course at the college or university level, be it human resource, business management, or marketing, at one moment or the other, you are sure to write a SWOT Analysis assignment. You may be required to carry out SWOT Analysis on an existing organization or a fictitious one. Either way, when writing a SWOT Analysis, the most crucial aspect is to ensure that you break down your paper into three parts as follows:


Introduce the company you shall be conducting the SWOT Analysis on. Discuss the company's most important aspects: the name, when the company was started, where it is located, and the products and services it offers. Ensure to give any background information on the organization that will provide the reader with a full overview of the organization.


Analyze the company using your results from the SWOT Analysis. This stage needs critical thinking to determine all the factors objectively, leaving nothing for chances. The analysis should major on the organization's strength by stating what can be done to maintain and make any possible improvements that will enhance performance and transform the weakness into strengths. Make sure to determine the internal and external factors affecting the business, either positively or negatively. The following points should help you in your analysis;

Strength analysis

  1. In what area does the organization prevail in its operations. 
  2. How is the organization you are researching ranked in the market? Ensure to back up your claims with supporting evidence. 
  3. What is the driving force that gives the organization motivation to venture into the market? Does the organization have a culture that supports its purpose?

Weakness analysis

  1. In what areas the organization affected or performing poorly
  2. What can be done to avoid elements mentioned in (i) above?
  3. Does the organization anticipate any future eventualities that will affect it financially?


Evaluate the company's ability to seize any available opportunity and how to neutralize any threat that may present itself. At this stage, you should also evaluate any workable growth strategy and threats that may negatively impact the organization. To perform an accurate evaluation of the business, answer the questions below to act as a guide.


  1. are the current trends in the industry that the organization is operating within? Your answers should be backed with evidence from credible sources acquired during your What research. 
  2. Are there new emerging markets for the goods and services offered by the organization you are analyzing?
  3. Does the organization foresee any new ventures it can exploit to advance its production and profit margins?


  1. Specify the main direct competitors of the organization
  2. focus on the areas that the competitors are thriving on
  3. What are the main challenges affecting the organization?
  4. Is the business facing any changes that may be negatively affecting the organization? 

Where Do I Start with My Research? 

After going through all that is need for you to develop an excellent SWOT Analysis assignment, you may feel confused by all the details wondering where to start. Time is not on your side, and you and you are not even sure if the first action to take, mainly because you can't get any information on the organization you are supposed to analyze. Carrying out thorough research concerning an organization is challenging since you want to be precise, especially if you are dealing with an existing organization. Your professor expects you to bring out you're "A" game failure, to which you will get a low grade. Getting updated information about various organizations you are writing about, especially if it's an existing organization, can be unyielding because most organizations do not expose their challenges and choose to keep the information within their four-wall. You will find yourself working round in circles as you try to dig deeper and get the same result. In most cases, the much you can get is the business profile making your research fruitless and time-consuming. We understand all this, and that is why we have our experts willing to write your SWOT Analysis assignment.

SWOT Analysis Assignment Help 

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Benefits of a SWOT Analysis

ASWOT analysis offers great insight into your work and can be one of the most important tools to help your business or firm succeed. If you are looking to assess yourself measurably, you should consider undertaking a SWOT analysis. Here are the benefits:

First, reviewing the SWOT analysis of your competitors and other industries can help you identify and establish what you need to understand, what your business or firm lacks, the steps you may need to take to improve yourself, and which attributes can enable you to be ahead of others. This information is essential for the success of your business. If you are yet to start a business, the SWOT analysis can help you thoroughly assess yourself to avoid making potential mistakes. For instance, learning from the setbacks of an existing industry can prevent you from making the same mistakes, thus improving your business’s chance of success. A detailed SWOT analysis report will also provide you with information on the kinds of mergers and acquisitions that enable the industry in your field to succeed. It is crucial to understand the factors that hinder a firm’s overall profitability and the type of market environment that has enabled it to grow.

Secondly, a SWOT analysis enables you to identify your own strengths and weaknesses, thus setting you on a path of better self-awareness, and increased chances of success. For instance, knowing your areas of strengths helps you to capitalize on those, thus increasing your success and impact. It is also a useful tool in your career. You are more likely to pass an interview if you are aware of your areas of strength and highest skill. On the other hand, knowing your weak points enables you to identify potential areas of work and growth. It also gives you a road map of the areas you need to focus on to improve yourself and become better.

Thirdly, a SWOT analysis helps you chart your present and potential opportunities and threats. Threats are external factors that pose a threat to the success of your businesses. For instance, an increasing number of competitors pose a strategic threat to your business. On the other hand, opportunities are those positive factors in your environment that catalyze the success of your business. For instance, having well-qualified employees is a good opportunity that your competitor may not have. Opportunities and threats give you a sharp sense of the state of your firm in the business environment. Rather than instilling fear or anxiety, they are a pointer on the areas of your business you may need to work on for better outcomes. SWOT analysis offers you an honest assessment of the current state of your business, and it is up to you to make the best decisions for improved success.

ASWOT analysis is also an efficient tool for business decision-making in your firm. This is because when you assess the state of your strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities, you will be able to make the right adjustments and decisions for the health of your business. This systemic and informed approach is better than making uninformed decisions.




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