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What is a synthesis essay?

 Synthesis can be defined as the art of bringing independent ideas together to make a logical discussion out of them. A synthesis essay is a discussion written by students drawing information from different sources to prove their ability to combine them into a single discussion. Combining two sources is something we do in our daily lives, either knowingly or unknowingly. For instance, we may watch something on the news and relate it to something we read on the internet. We also merge information given to us by friends with something we saw somewhere else to form a comprehensive idea of the issue at hand. When writing any form of essay, we usually take data from different sources to make the essay credible and substantial. We can therefore conclude that at one point or the other, we have all synthesized information. The most fundamental part of writing a synthesis essay understands the central theme or discussion topic. While writing a synthesis essay, it is crucial to synthesize sources, compose a thesis, and format it.

Step by Step Guide for Writing Synthesis Essays. 

      The first and most important step is reading the instructions and noting the central theme or the main topic. Keep in mind that writing this essay's primary objective is to bring a concise connection between various sources to a single topic or theme to form a discussion. If you do not comprehensively understand the topic, it shall be impossible to synthesis the sources. Secondly, conduct a thorough research to come up with sources that shall be used for the essay, then make a brief summary of all the sources and evaluate different arguments made about the writers before formulating a thesis statement. Sources may have the same ideas, but the writers may approach them differently, making it difficult to relate them. Sometimes, the approach may be the same, but each writer may draw a different conclusion to the idea. Therefore, ensure you get the concept of each source before including it in your essay. Note that this is an integral part of your work since the sources determine whether your discussion will make sense. 

      Before writing the formal copy, create a pre-write that includes free writing of any points related to the thesis statement. These points will help create an outline that will enable you to systematically and logically organize all your ideas, most especially because you are using various sources to back up one topic or theme. Remember to develop a personal explanation or interpretation for every source you plan on using in the essay. Every source must bring a different perception on the topic of discussion but must relate to the topic. To ensure that you develop profound arguments for the synthesis essay, you may draft several outlines and merge the ideas to compose your final copy

Drafting the final copy

      Finally, you can now write your synthesis essay. A synthesis essay is made up of three significant parts introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • Introduction 

The first sentence of the introduction contains the topic sentence or a compelling and interesting hook. At this point of writing, you should clarify the essay's purpose before presenting your thesis statement, which should be your introductory paragraph's final sentence. Use your critical thinking skill to show how the different sources you selected are common, and their relationship to the topic. Focus on giving a precise and clear interpretation of your main points as gathered from the sources.

  • Body 

The body paragraph should contain a topic sentence that is in line with the thesis statement. Make sure to state your opinions supported by evidence from the sources you have collected. Emphasis should be given on the theme rather than on the sources. Remember, quotations are used to support your claim. 

  • Conclusion 

The conclusion should state the topic's importance quoting the sources used as evidence for your research. 

Synthesis essays are an essential component of leadership and, therefore, should not be taken lightly. Depending on how you write this essay, your professor will be able to gauge your leadership skills. In the complex world we live today, leaders are faced with different issues that they need to work on to improve their organization. A good leader can collect various pieces of information from multiple sources to develop an idea that will benefit the organization taking it to the next level. It means that you must learn to brainstorm several sources, understand how each source can contribute to the topic, and then bring it to the discussion table. 

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 Tips for writing a good synthesis essay

            Writing a good synthesis essaydiffers from other types of academic writing. As indicated above, a synthesis essay is often used in research, analysis, and argumentative work. Therefore, here are some of the tips to follow to write a good synthesis essay:

You should identify and establish the main purpose of your work. What is the main purpose of your synthesis essay? Establishing your purpose early on will positively, and significantly affect the quality of your synthesis essay. Your purpose also forms the thesis of your writing, which is the main claim or idea of your essay.

You should also research well, and select your research sources, become familiar with them, and evaluate them in relation to your thesis and main arguments. Research forms the main basis of your synthesis essay, and therefore you should pay key attention to it. Having the right sources is also important to prevent readers from misquoting your work, and misinterpreting any information you aim to highlight. Besides, if you quote sources without evaluating them, then the sources may control your paper, or you risk having a confusing piece of writing.

Properly organize your synthesis essay. If you have a key argument for your paper, use multiple sources to quote your work, as this increases the credibility of your paper. Also remember that the sources should complement, rather than contradict each other. Besides, some sources have better credibility than others, therefore select them over the others. For instance, its more credible to quote work from a reputable journal rather than an internet blog. A tip for proper organization of your essay is summarizing each source while highlighting the similarities and differences. Besides, you may use the problem and solution approach, in which you identify the problem and offer probable solutions and recommendations. You should also arrange your most formidable arguments first, and subsequently each argument according to the strength of persuasion. Alternatively, you may choose to completely discuss your arguments first, before moving on to explain and suggest potential solutions.

Another important consideration in your synthesis essay is to evaluate and interpret each source of work, while possibly identifying the links between them. If possible, analyze and indicate the relationship between your sources of work as this adds more credibility to your synthesis essay.

Document each source you have used in your synthesis essay, according to the right format and structure. For instance, you should note the author and page number, and further list your sources on the reference/ works cited page to avoid any claims of plagiarism. Documentation is important as well because it accords credit to the author as its due. When you chose a particular format of referencing, you should consistently use this format across the entire paper. Depending on the format you decide, you may use past or present tense. For instance, for the MLA style of writing, you should use present tense i.e. She writes. However, for the APA style of writing, you should use past tense i.e. he recognized.  By following these tips, you will have the best synthesis essay.          

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