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If you are looking for a topic suggestion for your essay, you at the right place since we feature different topic suggestions for various essays and subjects. Some of the topic suggestions featured in this article include descriptive essays, narrative essays, argumentative essays, persuasive essays, and definition essays. Use these topic suggestions to create an excellent essay. Ensure you select a topic that you can easily relate to because it will enhance your writing. Or you can alternatively seek further help from us to have your essay written by a professional writer.

10 Topic Suggestion for Narrative Essays

1.         A dangerous adventure

2.         My first day in my new school or college.

3.         How I met my best friend

4.         Your most enjoyable Christmas

5.         The most memorable trip

6.         Foods and memories

7.         Your first time riding a bike

8.         Helping a vulnerable stranger

9.         Embarrassing moment at a public place

10.       A valuable lesson learned the hard way.


10 Topic Suggestions for Descriptive Essays

1.         Describe an event that left a positive impression in your life

2.         Describe a person you idolize

3.         Describe your childhood memories

4.         Describe a modern city that you would love to visit

5.         Describe a piece of art you find attractive

6.         Describe your favorite meal

7.         Describe your favorite football team

8.         Describe the first time you went skiing

9.         Describe your best family moments

10.       Describe a person that inspires you

10 Topic Suggestions for Argumentative Essay

1.         Should students be vaccinated first before attending public schools?

2.         Facebook should be authorized to collect personal data from its users

3.         Self-driving cars should be legalized

4.         Internet has had more negative effects than positive in society

5.         Players should make more money than the coaches

6.         Religion should not be taught in schools

7.         Prisoners should be given the right to vote

8.         Which is more effective death penalty or life sentence?

9.         The minimum wage should be increased

10.       School uniform has no significance and should be done away with

10 Topic Suggestions for Definition Essays

1.         Strong leadership

2.         Perfect couple

3.         Team player

4.         Peer pressure

5.         Communication skills

6.         Racism and ethnicity

7.         Social media

8.         Independence

9.         Money and power

10.       Terrorism

10 Topic Suggestion for Persuasive Essay

1.         Should protestors be allowed to block traffic during demonstrations? What are the possible outcomes?

2.         Was the decision by the US to drop the atomic bomb in World War II justified?

3.         What leads to discrimination between people of different social classes?

4.         Should citizens aged 16 years be allowed to vote?

5.         What are some of the factors that contribute to substance abuse in teenagers?

6.         Should police be allowed to use excessive force while engaging demonstrators?

7.         College students should be allowed to own guns and carry them to school

8.         Many prisoners who are released from prisons are more likely to have recurrences in criminal activities. What could be the root cause?

9.         Learning sign language in school is better than learning a foreign language


10.       Which would you prefer to spend summer as a paid intern in a local restaurant or unpaid in a prestigious organization?


 Factors to Consider When Deciding Topic Suggestions

Getting the right topic suggestions for your writing is a consideration of many important factors. Here are some of the factors to consider when deciding topic suggestions for your essay:

Your topic suggestion should interest you. Writing about something that you are interested in, or passionate about is not only fun for you, it accords you an opportunity to best present yourself while allowing you to be creative and expressive. Indeed, you are more likely to do your best in something you are actually passionate in. Therefore, you should identify your interests and passions, and let them form a key basis of the topic suggestions of your essay. This is an important consideration as it prevents boredom and frustration in your writing process.

Your topic suggestions should also be interesting and captivate the attention of your readers. Choosing a boring topic is not only frustrating to write, it may not invite a good readership of your essay. Avoid over-used or cliché topics for your work, as there is a high likelihood that you will have nothing new to contribute. Besides, cliché topics are more likely to be plagiarized work. They are also not captivating or intriguing for the reader, thus highly likely to be boring. A good consideration to choose lively or interesting topics is considering current trends and affairs. You can also do some research on pertinent social issues that have not yet been solved. Asking around, through friends and family, can also be a good source of interesting topics for your essay.

Your topic suggestions should align with your career goals. It is better, and more significant to write about a topic that aligns with your career goals or objectives for a variety of reasons. Firstly, you are more likely to be well versed with a topic in your field of work, thus write more efficiently. Besides, it is highly likely that your field of work aligns with your passions and interests, thus making it a fun and enjoyable experience for you. Moreover, a topic suggestion that is aligned with your field of work will add value to your work area. Thus, you will be contributing immensely in the field of knowledge and practice. An important step is to highlight your career goals or aspirations, and from this you could narrow down your topics for research.

Your topic suggestions should commensurate with the easily available resources. The topics you choose for your research paper should align with the locally available resources. For instance, if you are planning to conduct primary research work, you should highlight, and classify your budget so that you work comfortably and efficiently. Alternatively, if you are doing secondary research work, do your research and gather all the research sources and information you may need so that you do your work efficiently. Choosing a difficult topic may restrict you in terms of available resources and materials, therefore it's advisable to settle for simpler and easier topics. There are other considerable costs, such as printing, transcription, and internet costs which you may need to further factor in as you plan your work.

Your topic suggestions should contribute towards, or solve potential problems in society. As a writer, not only should your work contribute to existing knowledge and information, it should (whenever possible) provide viable solutions that could make the world a better place. For instance, if you are writing about health, you may consider writing a topic on good health practices, or do some research on existing health problems. This makes your work significant, and of value to society.

Your topic suggestions should be simple and easy to work with. Choosing difficult and complicated topics makes your research and writing work difficult, and it also increases the likelihood of misinterpretation of your work. Besides, your work may be difficult to understand because it's simply too difficult for your readers. Choosing difficult topics may also require more effort and resources from your end, further adding to your frustration. To avoid this, settle for shorter, simpler, easier, and more understandable topics for your essay.

Your topic suggestions should consider the target audience of your essay. Having a target audience for your essay is important as it grounds or restricts your work. Besides, doing so shapes the language, structure, and content of your essay. For instance, writing for a scientific audience differs from a piece written for the general public. Therefore, you should determine your target audience and frame your research topic accordingly. Besides, you may have one topic but frame it in different contexts to commensurate with your readership.


Technical details of your topic suggestions

Depending on the type of writing, there are defined structures or rules of how to draft or frame topics. These rules also change depending on the consumer of your research information. For instance, writing a topic for a research firm may differ from that of a news agency. The right topic is extremely crucial as it is a gateway to your work. Besides, a good topic attracts more readers as opposed to a poorly framed topic. Here are some technical factors to consider in your topic suggestions:

First, your topic suggestion should not exceed 15-20 words. Having a short, concise, and clear topic is the epitome of any good essay or research. Long topics are not only boring, but they may also be confusing or tiring for the reader. For ease of your work, have a short topic, and shelve the longer descriptions for the body of your essay.

Your topic suggestion should encapsulate the main idea of your research paper or essay. A topic is a gateway to your work, it should encapsulate the main idea or purpose of your writing. For instance, if you are writing on a certain health condition, your topic should include the word health.

Your topic suggestion should also be simple and use easy and understandable language. Avoid the use of jargon or complex language in your topic. Following these suggestions will guarantee you the best essay. 





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