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Narrative essays are written in a storytelling format, and the use of the first person is encouraged. They are used to test the ability of the writer to express themselves, engaging the reader comprehensibly. Unlike other academic essays, the narrative essay allows the writer to use creative writing skills compellingly and figuratively. The writer must first choose a topic before developing an outline that shall contain the introduction, body, and conclusion. Creating an outline is an essential part of narrative writing since it acts as a guide, ensuring a smooth flow of events. An outline also guarantees that crucial details in the story are not left out.

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Importance of Narrative Essay


Like any other standard academic essay, a conventional narrative essay is made up of five-paragraph. The first paragraph is the introduction that provides the reader with a preview of what to expect in the body part and contains the hook. The introduction is followed by three body paragraphs, with the second paragraph introducing the raising action. The third paragraph contains the climax of the story. The fifth paragraph introduces the falling actions paving the way for the final paragraph, the conclusion that bears the lessons learned from the story, or the resolutions made for a particular problem.

Narrative essays use techniques adapted in storytelling, including plot, theme, character, and a setting. A plot is the sequence of events developed in the story where a preceding event affects the next event, while a theme is an underlying message portrayed in the story. Characters can be represented in the form of humans, animals, or creatures that play a role in the story, and the setting is the time and the specific location where the events occur. The plot, theme, character, and settings must all blend to make a substantial narrative essay.

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